Each team of artists who work on our programme delivery are experts in their own right in their chosen field.

 Artistic Directors/Producers

Elaine Whitewood & Tim Fleming

Film Crew

Tom Lloyd — Camera & Editing Dreamtime Film

Dan Fox - Sound Sound Intervention 

Jason Threlfall - cgi/digital/data wrangler

In addition to this we have a team of freelance artists, musicians & designers who have all taken part in our unique training programme so we know that when you meet them you will be getting the service you have come to expect from W&F  - projects should be inspiring , creative, educational, stimulating and great fun for all.

Advisory Panel

Gill Bond & Andy Burton — Artistic Directors, Satellite Arts
Andrew Cleaton — Artistic Director, Epiphany Music
Wendy Meadley — Freelance artist/designer/maker
Peter Moser — Artistic Director, More Music 
Tyndale Thomas — Musical Director
Sue Walker — Artistic Director, Wise Up Arts
Hank Williams — Education Consultant, Continuum.
Philip Lewer - NHS/PCT Consultant

About us

We utilse our experience to create unique and stimulating projects with young people & communities.

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What we do

An introduction

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Our history

Explore the story of our past and find out all about the history of Whitewood & Fleming.

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Looked After Children

Working with Looked After Children is the cornerstone of our work.

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"This is more than just an activity they can get involved in — they are writing their own songs, making their own videos, learning how to express themselves. It’s given them a new way of life."

Foster Carer