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19 July 2013 — Posted by Tim Fleming

Fourteen new Discover arts awards for Tuned In Cumbria!

Well done all the participants in our Tuned In Cumbria project - everyone has worked hard to achieve their discover arts award. That's fourteen new arts awards! We are really proud of you.

Also our trainee artist on the project, Adele achieved her bronze award, congratulations to you.

This brings our Discover Arts Award total to thirty seven so far this year.

10 July 2013 — Posted by Tim Fleming


08 December 2012 — Posted by Tim Fleming
23 November 2012 — Posted by Tim Fleming

A goodbye poem

This is the day we say goodbye

But we want to say thank you guys

We have had the best time ever

We think you are all very clever

Hand puppets, clay models and wooden spoons

Animations, poems, songs and good tunes

Are all the things that we have done

We have had so much fun 

Thank you all from the tribe!

Written by children from the Barrow sessions

13 September 2012 — Posted by Tim Fleming
13 July 2012 — Posted by Tim Fleming

Update on latest sessions

On Saturday 7 July we had our second full day Have a Go! session in Maryport.  We started the day with a good game of Stand up if... and some call and response songs.  A group went with our top film maker Tom and made some great animations.  We had a brilliant group sing and then we went into smaller groups to sing, play and compose new songs.

13 July 2012 — Posted by Tim Fleming

Have a Go! in Maryport

On Saturday 23 June, we held our first full day Have a Go! session for foster parents and children in Maryport.  We were very pleased with the amount of people that came along to take part and despite the floods, high wind and traffic chaos; most of them were with us all day.  The project is aimed towards 7-11 yr olds but we welcomed young people out of that age range as well due to varying circumstances. 23 young people, 15 Foster carers, 2 social workers, a participation officer and 4 artists attended.

26 June 2012 — Posted by Ann Wilson
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01 June 2012 — Posted by Tim Fleming

We do this work because of what we get from you and it makes us think, wasn’t that fantastic? Wasn’t that worth getting up in the morning for? That’s why we do it, for these kinds of experiences

Tuned In lead artist musician to a group of young people during evaluation session