Thriving Families - Oxfordshire

Commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council, this is a half hour documentary recording the first year of the County Council's new Thriving Families programme. Our crew visited Oxfordshire six times over the course of the year capturing the stories and progress of several families. The film is now complete. Sadly we cannot share the film with you as it is a confidential document, but we can tell you that everyone is very happy with the results.

Thriving Families is part of a new government initiative designed to help many families and communities and genuinely "turn lives around". It is just the kind of film that we specialise in - i.e it has a strong a social care agenda and it has been a privilege to work with these families and capture their lives on film.

27 January 2015

Posted by Tim Fleming

Take time to thrive

One of the tracks that form the backing track to the film 

"Through the medium of singing, they have found a voice and a shared knowledge that they are not alone in the care system."

Children's Services staff member