We are in the research & development phase of making a new 30 minute documentary film exploring the concept of the social pedagogue in Denmark & Holland, and showing how this work improves outcomes for young people in these countries. We will contrast this with a portrait of our own work here in the UK as Artist Pedagogues. **** Update **** This project has been put on hold at the moment whilst we are developing some really exciting links with The Social Pedagogue Development Network (SPDN), ThemPra, Jacaranda and the Thomas Coram Research Institute, and The Fostering Network. (See Head, Heart, Hands)

In the film we aim to explore the work of social pedagogues in show practice working in Denmark and Holland and hear professionals speaking about the concepts of Social Pedagogy, including key academics from the University of Copenhagen.

Using real examples the film will draw out underlying concepts whilst illustrating the benefits in terms of improving outcomes for looked after children in the long term. It will also feature an educational critique with a European perspective from Professor Pat Petrie from the Institute of Education.

Through our film we hope to contribute to debate, help people become aware of interesting alternatives and inform UK practice and through national screenings and training events, stimulate dialogue around ways of working creatively with looked after children and young people, thus improving outcomes. The film will be available online to all viewers and will also be targeted at Children's Services, Local Authorities, Social Workers, Artists and Creative Practitioners.

"This is more than just an activity they can get involved in — they are writing their own songs, making their own videos, learning how to express themselves. It’s given them a new way of life."

Foster Carer