11 January 2018

Posted by Tim Fleming

Turning Points

The film ‘Turning Points’ is now completed and online. It is already being used by Lancaster University and across Australia and the USA. ‘Turning Points’, is a film in which women share their stories of positive change. The film provides hope for other women in similar difficulties, who have also had children removed from their care.

20 September 2017

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Lancaster University Recurrent Care Project Film - Filming complete, editing underway

Filming took place in and around the university in August and we are currently in the editing stage. The result will be a nine-minute film showcasing the stories of several young women and will be available to all online.

06 January 2017

Posted by Tim Fleming

New Filming begins

We are just about to launch into a short series of very short films for The Mockingbird Family Model, shooting begins in London on 13th January.

27 October 2016

Posted by Tim Fleming

Head Heart Hands animation

"Becky's Story" is a new short animation we recently completed for The Fostering Network.

31 August 2016

Posted by Tim Fleming

The Mockingbird Family Model film edit in progress

Busy editing our film about The Mockingbird Family Model this month.

11 July 2016

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A new animation film is being created this week...

This week we are creating an animation for the Head, Heart, Hands project ... this short animation will feature the experiences of a young person who has been working alongside her pedagogue and growing in confidence during the Head, Heart, Hands programme.

25 May 2016

Posted by Tim Fleming

The Fostering Network Scotland

Just about to start a new project with The Fostering Network Scotland working with Young Champions to make a short film about their experiences of living in foster care.

20 January 2016

Posted by Tim Fleming

Filming continuing for the Mockingbird Family Model

Our latest film commission is from The Fostering Network to make a film showing the development of the innovative Mockingbird Family Model being rolled out across various local authority sites in the UK. So far we have filmed in Doncaster and Oxford. This month we are filming in Leeds and Birmingham at a Mockingbird Hub Home launch and also at the national conference, next month its London and Leeds.

03 December 2015

Posted by Tim Fleming

Head, Heart, Hands Filming continues ...

Off back to London in early December to film Foster carers, children and social workers for the next phase of our documentary film. A three minute introduction promo will be made by the end of January 2016.

28 November 2015

Posted by Tim Fleming

The Flood Project film is online

We have just completed this six minute short, "The Flood Project" - commissioned by Lancaster University and Save The Children. The children who worked on this project have collaborated with the research team and Whitewood & Fleming to produce a six minute film about their experiences and what needs to be done to improve recovery for people who are flooded in the future. The film highlights the need for the voices of young people to be included in Disaster Planning, we hope it helps make a difference. You can watch it online on the Lancaster Uni website, just click the link on the next page.

We do this work because of what we get from you and it makes us think, wasn’t that fantastic? Wasn’t that worth getting up in the morning for? That’s why we do it, for these kinds of experiences

Tuned In lead artist musician to a group of young people during evaluation session