We are an artist-led company, and all of our work is original.

We work with our clients or project commissioners to develop a new programme or create new ideas. After these initial meetings we spend time researching and coming up with inspiring new ideas in response.


Since we began working with young people who are looked after we have been analysing and developing our own techniques - studying what has worked for us, helped young people develop and speak for themselves and sometimes even enhance their lives.

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What we offer

We like to work across many art forms - music, film, theatre, textiles — we choose from a palette of skills depending on what our participants are interested in. We often work together to plan and implement projects. Whatever we are working on we aim for our work to be inspiring, life enhancing, a learning experience and great fun.

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Who we work with

We work with a wide range of different people, artists, partner organisations, freelancers and facilitators to deliver a broad programme of work covering many different art forms.

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"You can see the difference it makes — all children should get this opportunity"

A support worker